WG Financing is a merchant cash advance provider that provides financing programs businesses that perform well but cannot show it with financial statements, business owners with bad credit history and other newer businesses. With our common sense evaluation process, we approve a large percentage of our applications and are able to secure significantly more capital for our clients. It only takes a few seconds to apply and less than a day to receive an approval. WG Financing understands that no two businesses or business owners are alike and that is why we look at each scenario individually to ensure that our clients get the financing that fits with their businesses goals and needs. By looking at each business on an individual basis, we are able to approve financing to many more business owners than our competition.

We understand your need to access available cash to keep your business strong and successful. Unlike a bank loan, that requires a lengthy approval process, our services are simple and fast. We are constantly striving to provide you with best-in-class service as we support your business needs.


Your business sells us a portion of its future sales receipts at a discount. Through an automated process, we retrieve our portion of each credit card sale as it is settled. The percentage we retrieve from each sale is fixed for the life of the funding – we get paid when you get paid.


The WG Financing sales and customer care staff are among the most dedicated people in the industry today. These highly trained individuals are frequently complimented by our customers for their professionalism and responsiveness. Our sales staff is trained to understand you and your business and not treat you like a number. In fact, many of our sales people come from the same industry they sell to, thus providing a more personal and consultative relationship.


WG Financing’s data, systems and technology are setting the standards for the merchant cash advance industry and are the backbone of the company. Our systems not only provide fast, reliable and accurate decisions on merchant applications for funding, but also underpin the innovative automated methodology we use to receive the receivables we have purchased. Our unique scoring systems provide a “customer-friendly” approach to qualification. Where banks and lenders seek to “screen-out” potential applicants, we work hard to “screen-in” qualified business applicants. Once qualified, our operations staff works quickly to get you the money you need.


As a leading Financial Services provider in Miami, WG FINANCING has the financial strength to fund every qualified deal. Our current credit facilities are believed to be the largest in the industry. Despite the uncertainties of the recent economic environment, our business model, data, systems, and technology, and decade-long history of best-in-class service enabled major financial institutions to provide additional facilities and significantly increased our abilities to provide small business funding


As we increase our capital and funding capabilities, so will our ability to fund new services and new markets. We strongly anticipate to expand into Canada between 2014-2015. Interested merchants and brokers (ISO) may reach us to discuss future plans. Knock off omega james bond Quartz cartier chronograph roadster replica
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