Usually, automotive financing is a separate expenditure than the original line of credit, which supports the day-to-day operations. Most business firms have vehicles to perform their services. One or two vehicles are not much concern with regards to automotive financing, but what about 50 trucks?

Automotive financing becomes crucial when evaluating your business focus. There is an infrastructure of vehicles than must sustain the direction of the company business plan. Purchased vehicles, once delivered, require maintenance. Regular maintenance on those vehicles becomes expensive.

How to Get  Automotive Financing?

  1. Apply using our easy two-step application
  2. Get fast approval; no delays and no excuses. (Note: 80% of applicants get funded)
  3. Get funded – with money in your bank account in about 72 hours or less

One of our favorite words is: “NO”!

  • No business plan required
  • No perfect credit history required – average or bad credit okay
  • No special repayment terms
  • No complicated application paperwork
  • No or little collateral required

Automotive financing may include monthly service agreements to help reduce the cost of the new fleet of trucks you now own. An owner can not predict every repair that might happen with a fleet of vehicles, but taking some of the costs associated with normal wear and tear out of his monthly budget is a smart business practice.

The first step in fulfilling a dream is to take action. Getting a loan without all the hassles that come with the process is watching your dream come true.

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Our Automotive Business Financing Options Include:

auto repair financingAuto Repair Financing

Transportation is a vital element of being able to run a successful business. No time is ever a good time to have to repair your vehicle. For business owners, having to repair an automobile can hurt business and no time can be wasted in coming up with the funds to get it fixed. WG Financing makes it simple and easy for business owners who need quick auto repair financing. Most applications are approved and funds are made available within 48 hours.

Our auto repair financing has flexible repayment terms and we do not need or want to see all of the extra documentation that most traditional lenders require when borrowing money for a business. If you need auto repair financing, then you are already stressed about the situation. WG Financing takes great pride in being able to offer simple and stress-free solutions for business owners who need quick financial

car dealership financingCar Dealership Financing 

WG financing offers direct financing to small and medium businesses with car dealership financing being one of our specialties. We specialize in cash advance type financing which allows rapid approval of loans with a minimum of paperwork. Used car dealership financing through WG financing involves selling an amount of your future sales to us at a discount. As you make sales we collect an agreed upon amount of each sale until the advance is paid off.

This type of car dealership financing is much easier than financing from a bank or dealing with private investors. Frequently banks are unwilling to deal with used car dealership financing unless the owners of the business have spotless credit histories or significant collateral and private investors often are not desirable business partners. WG financing specializes in dealing with each business on terms suitable to that business.

All WG financing needs is to know that you will be producing enough sales to be able to pay back your cash advance at a rate that will be acceptable to both you and us. Used car dealership financing is frequently used to allow for on-site financing of sales using a formula which quickly pays for the dealer cost of each automobile. Our cash advance type of car dealership financing is ideal for this type of business model.

car wash financingCar Wash Equipment Financing

If you are looking to open your own car wash, chances are you are not going to have all the necessary funds on hand in order to purchase all the desired equipment you need to start up the company. Due to this, you might need car wash financing. The car wash loan is going to help you to buy the necessary goods and equipment to start up the business, all without an acceptable interest rate on the loan.

We are the company that is going to help you with car wash equipment. We require little to no collateral, very little paperwork, and are able to work with both average and bad credit (of course it can also work with good credit as well). It does not matter what your credit history is and the repayment terms are very flexible, so you don’t have to worry about paying it all back right away.

WG Financing is not only ready to help your automotive business financing, but can provide funds for: service stations, all kinds of small business working capital, commercial truck financing and more.

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