There are dozens if not a hundreds of profitable service businesses and entrepreneurs actively jump into them. Why? Because many of those service areas are more profitable and more interesting than merchant businesses. Nevertheless, most of service businesses require financing, especially at starting point.

Service business financing does not have to be a headache. Simplified qualifications and a proven system for success make it easy to apply and qualify for funding. World Global Financing will work with you when banks and other lenders will not. You could have your funds in as little as 24-hours to start growing your service business immediately.

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The Top Service Businesses Requiring Financing

insurance agency financingInsurance Agency Financing

If you are like most independent insurance agents, then you know how difficult it can be to get a loan. The problem with banks is that they are not willing to offer insurance agency financing. The majority of the time, they want to buy the agency rather than offer them a loan.

One of the great things about WG Financing is that we offer loan money insurance premiums at a price that people can afford. We work hard to make it easier for independent insurance agents.

If you are looking for insurance agency financing, then you should give some careful consideration to WG Financing. We are the company that has a sole dedication to helping independent insurance agents to get the funding that they require.

real estate agency financingReal Estate Agency Financing

Banks in this country have the memory of an elephant; they never forget! The catastrophe many banks went through a half decade ago still rings in their memory and the fact that they continue to be bombarded in some select states with storage rooms full of unsold foreclosures and short sales only exacerbates the conundrum leaving them in a continuing genuflect position with the “Feds” and their deep pockets.

Enter stage left one real estate agency financing company who is the solution; not part of the problem and stands ready to offer cash advanced parachutes for merchants and businesses of all sizes, nationwide. Nobody knows better than WG Financing how hard it is today for some business in certain industries to obtain a cash infusion eschewing the false promises and reams of paperwork required.

Our real estate agency financing program is about as simple as it gets: Apply, get approved, and get funded. No tricks, no confusing hyperbole, no waiting weeks or months on end for some person to look at your application, let alone consider it for approval.

All that said, what’s on you plate that needs an alternative business loan so you can expand toward a higher profit margin? Our real estate agency financing connections have comfortable and affordable underwriting requirements like:

  • Little or no collateral required
  • Credit history not a problem
  • Minimum paperwork plus short approval time
  • Flexible payment terms
  • No business plan required

audio video equipment loanAudio Video Equipment Financing

Opening an audio and video facility is very expensive. Individuals on the outside might not truly realize just how much the equipment costs. A state of the art camera may cost tens of thousands of dollars, even without the lenses, which are often going to be even more expensive.

All of this, plus the lighting equipment, sound hardware, speakers and everything else, and you can look at a startup bill for your business running you several hundred thousand dollars, if not closer to the seven-figure level, depending on the equipment you want and the services you are hoping to offer the public. Because of this, unless you have a considerable amount of money just sitting around, you probably need audio video equipment financing.

Financing equipment is actually going to save you a good amount of money. By purchasing the audio and video equipment, it is going to be rather difficult, even for studios that have been around for a considerable amount of time. With the audio/video loans, you can even lease the equipment. This is easier to do, cuts your business expenses and allows you to upgrade easier and faster than the competition.

landscaping business financingLandscaping Business Financing

Starting a landscaping business could reap a financial windfall. The landscaping industry is always in need of companies to carry out work. Owning a landscaping business can be difficult though. Banks are typically hesitant to issue standard business loans. If you have a tremendous business plan, they may still not want to help fund you. There are other financing options out there. World Global Financing can help you get the cash you need.

Landscaping business loans are hard to come by. The cash from them is necessary to increase business. If you want to do more landscaping work, you need more equipment, labor, and so on. Without the necessary capital, you are not going to be
able to make these moves. We will give you options to get you the cash you need now.

Landscaping companies can qualify for this great financing option easily. All you need is  $5,000 in sales per month. Nothing more is needed to secure your loan. If you are an owner and you have had difficulty in the past with securing bank loans, this could be your lifeline.

plumbing supply business financingPlumbing Supply Business Financing

Although plumbing is a lucrative business, these tough economic times has made many banks and other financing sources leery about lending money to anyone. This has made it
difficult for plumbing supply companies and other plumbing businesses to get the money they need to buy equipment or expand into new facilities. The lack of available funding can potentially have a chilling effect on the plumbing industry.

The regular sources of plumbing supply business financing have seemed to have dried up. Any source of financing which takes a chance on a plumbing company is almost guaranteed to get their money back in a timely manner. When you need a plumbing business loan the WG Financing is the best option on the market.

roofing business financingRoofing Business Financing

It can be hard to estimate the costs that it will take to build your roofing business from the ground up. When you can’t estimate these kinds of costs, you may not be sure if you have the capital necessary to ensure that your business will be successful. Taking out a financing loan can help you make sure have the support necessary to get started.

One excellent reason to take out a financing loan will be to simply get the materials that you need to establish your business. Your clients will have many different kinds of problems they will face. The only way you’re going to set and repair their roofs is if you have the building materials necessary to do it. Think about the cost of putting up shingles for just one house. You will have to front that cost before the first customer even calls your office, which may necessitate roofing business financing.

This may sound daunting, but this is a reality of operating a business in the modern world. If you want to make your operation succeed, you will have to find a way to finance the beginning steps. On top of this, you will still have to take care of yourself and your family. This is why roofing business financing is a critical step for you to consider on your way to a successful career.

travel agency financingTravel Agency Financing

Even with the tide changing, cash flow can still be an issue. The lack of cash can lead to stunted growth and the inability to compete in larger markets. Travel Agency Financing can help to replace that old and outdated equipment and WG Financing is here to help. It can also move the office to a centralized location where promotion is key. While people think that a travel agent is just there to book hotel and airline reservations, what they are do goes way beyond that. They are selling people on the hype and excitement of these fascination locations. This is one of the reasons why people are investing once again, they are excited that things are turning around and they feel they can spend money again.

By using travel agency financing, it can help with new offices, better furniture, better equipment and it means more revenues for the agency. It takes money to make money and the travel agents are geared for success. We are ready to help you with your financial needs to build your business bigger and better. Travel agency financing may be the answer to your agency’s needs.

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