WG Financing offers unique financing options tailored to fit healthcare business needs. We offer approvals in less than two days and accept each financing option as a separate need. Every business has its own set of circumstances and we evaluate these on a one by one basis to offer unique medical business financing.

We offer national cash advances for businesses now as well. We also offer a simpler repayment process. When you get paid from clients you also pay us as well. This minimizes paperwork and allows for easier payments. We receive a portion of your credit intake as our payment to make things quicker and less stressful for our clients.

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medical clinic financingMedical Clinic Financing

Medical clinic financing is easy with WG Financing. We have several benefits to offer our customers.  Medical financing can be expensive but not with us. We offer fast approvals, even with mediocre credit ratings, and flexible payments just to name a few benefits. Our approvals are for obtaining working capital, for financing equipment, funding vehicle purchases, and set-up costs for new or existing businesses.

Medical financing does not have to be a big hassle. We minimize the paperwork so that the process is simpler and easier so we get you the money your business needs sooner. We only require minimal, if any, collateral for the money to get business running smooth. We offer a two-step application process to make medical clinic financing easy.

medical equipment financingMedical Equipment Financing

The costs of starting a new medical clinic or updating your equipment and tools can be staggering. Merchant Cash Advances of $3,000 to $1500,000 for Medical Equipment Financing will help you expand or upgrade your equipment and supplies. Many of our employees come from the same industry that we are lending to, and they understand you and your business.

More than any other industry, health care goes through constant changes in technology, healthcare reform and reimbursement in addition to the instability of the economy that affects the daily decisions of health care organizations. Our medical equipment financing program helps to offset these uncertainties and keep your business running with upgraded IT and medical technology in today’s complex regulatory environment. Let our team of experienced professionals help you today for a better income and business tomorrow.

dental loans, dental financingDental Business Financing

A dental practice can provide a tremendously valuable service to a local community. Those in the dental professional realize this and they will set up offices in various communities. There are two ways a dentist can open a practice. The first means would be through purchasing and existing practice and the second means could be launching the practice from the proverbial ground up. Either way, a great deal of money will be required. The amount of the investment will certainly be more than what the average person has available on hand. This is where dental cash advances prove to be enormously helpful.

Another reason why dental business financing might prove helpful would be when upgrades to an existing practice are necessary. For those wondering if there is any difference between the way dental work vs. other types of financing, the answer is no.

Going to a traditional provider who does not specialize in dental business financing might bring forth another problem. The interest rates could end up being higher since the lender may make inaccurate assumptions about the level of risk involved with the business. A financing firm that deals with dental professionals might have a much better understanding of business risks and rewards. Such an understanding will be better reflected in the interest rates offered.

optometry practice financingOptometry Practice Financing

Optometry Practice Financing assist you in every step of your career as they understand various challenges that optometrists face. Small practitioners who dream of owning a business of their own can automatically do so. We have developed a program with VISION loans which is in venture with other industry leaders such as Essilor and VSP.

We have the understanding on the unique considerations that practitioners face. We thus offer flexible form of financial services. Our financial expertise helps you in laying an excellent foundation of smooth acquisition practice. We also offer you with the Health Savings Account that is tax advantaged. With HSA, you can use it in paying off medical expenses while evading the burdens of tax. HSA is such a tool that bears you interest and you can use it as a security for overdrafts.

Optometry Practice Financing, through Vision One Banking offers you additional services such as 24/7 account management. Do not be left out by their amazing services that are geared towards your success in business financing sign up with Optometry Practice Financing.

pharmacy business financingPharmacy Business Financing

Are you a pharmacist who wants to become financially independent by starting his own business? Perhaps you’re a pharmacist who envisions moving your pharmacy to a better and larger location. Would you like to hire an additional pharmacist and technician? Perhaps you would like to purchase a compact vehicle for the technicians to use for medication deliveries to the nursing homes.

Whatever the case may be, you now find yourself needing a substantial amount of capital in a rather short period of time. This is where World Global Financing enters the scene. We will assist you with all of your pharmacy business financing needs.

WG Financing offers alternative pharmacy business financing options. We help fund dreams by providing pharmacy business financing Even if your credit history isn’t the best, still apply. One popular pharmacy store financing option is our bad credit business loan. This type of loan has several advantages compared to a traditional loan from a bank.

  • With this loan, having bad credit is OK.
  • Usually, four-out-of-five applicants are approved.
  • Approval is typically received within 24 to 48 hours, with the capital being deposited into either your personal or business bank account.
  • You do not need to give us a business plan.
  • Collateral may or may not be required. If so, then it will be low.
  • We offer flexible repayment plans.
  • Paperwork will be required, but it will be kept to a minimal.

Another pharmacy business loan alternative is a merchant cash advance. If your business is in need of emergency cash due to an unforeseen circumstance, then you may need a cash advance. This type of loan is appealing due to its interest rates.

How does it works?

A fixed dollar amount of your future sales is purchased at a discount by us. In return, you are paid cash that day. Collection of the fixed amount is automatically done by securing a small percentage from each sale. Actually, the concept is quite simple – every time you get paid then we get paid.

Please keep in mind that our underwriting guidelines are quite flexible. Each merchant cash advance is specifically tailored for that customer’s pharmacy business. The merchant cash advance is arranged in accordance with your pharmacy business’ unique style of operation and revenue.

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